Saturday, 26 March 2011

And then there was one

Since last weekend I have been part of a lovely Exodus group in Jordan.  After this brief respite from solo travel, the time has arrived for me to strike out alone again.  I waved everyone off this morning and then moved into the cheaper hotel at the end of the road.  After fitting in most of the major Jordanian sights last week, including two fun days exploring Petra and a trip out to the desert to camp in Wadi Rum, I am heading up to Dana Nature Reserve for a few days tomorrow morning.  Staying at the Rummana Campsite, I intend to eat well, indulge in a few hikes and read.  The journey could end up involving three to five forms of transport depending on how it goes…!  It will start with a bus and end with the campsite shuttle but not quite sure how the in between bit will work out yet.  I’ve loaded up on flat breads for the journey.

After being driven from point to point in a comfortable bus for a week, I am itching to get back to public transport and get to know the less touristy angle of the country.

Favourite thing in Aqaba: watching women in the burqas in the sea!

Petra photos
Wadi Rum photos

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